…one of the year’s most intellectually satisfying performances.

            -- Arts Atlanta


…built around a fascinating dramatic arc and structure, and a score that brilliantly weaves in and out of pummeling rhythms to abstract electronics, from pop- song fragments to simply the sound of the breath....[I]tʼs as simple as it is disarming...
            -- DCist


Once in a while there is a performance that changes what it means to see a dancer perform… Colony is a piece that's at the forefront of changing the way we define dance and choreography. It plays with uniformity and duration. It stretches and collapses expectations. It reconfigures relationships between people watching and people moving. Like the greatest performances it creates a situation that alters the way we encounter the world outside of the theater.

            -- Kate Mattingly, writer and dance critic



Colony comes from another planet. It's like staring into the spinning blade of a chain saw

until you scare yourself wondering what it would be like to touch it.

       -- Scott Sheppard, Artistic Director | Lightning Rod Special Productions / Co-Creator, Underground Railroad Game

choreography and direction

Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman



Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman


lighting design & technical direction

Justin Rose


original composition & sound design

Greg Svitil


Colony considers the human and the herd. Through a concentrated and athletic commitment to uniformity, the work is a choreographic investigation of repetition, duration and physical synchronization through which differing states of awareness and being emerge. Implicating the audience as critical to the creation of the theatrical event, this intense meditation disorients our experience of seeing and being seen in a shared space. Distance, proximity, power and vulnerability are at play while your role as a watcher is balanced by the tension of being watched. It is a bass-driven exercise in calculation, compulsion, and connection.


Running time: 50 minutes


Theater Emory and The Lucky Penny; Atlanta, GA; June 2014

Thirdbird; Philadelphia, PA; January 2014

New Orleans Fringe Festival (self-produced); NO, LA; November 2013

Abundance International Dance Festival; Karlstad, Sweden; September 2013

thefidget space; Philadelphia, PA; March 2013

fallFringe; Washington DC; November 2012

Philly Fringe Festival (self-produced); Philadelphia, PA; September 2012

Capital Fringe Festival (premier; self-produced); Washington DC; July 2012


Teaching Workshops:

Theatre Emory and The Lucky Penny; Atlanta, GA; June 2014

University of North Carolina Greensboro; Greensboro, NC; March 2014 (lecture)

Kulturama School of Performing Arts; Stockholm, Sweden; September 2013

CORD: Tactical Bodies @ UCLA; Los Angeles, CA; April 2013 (lecture)


Works in Progress:     

I.V. Two for One @ The Dance Exchange; Washington DC; May 2012

Movement Research; Brooklyn, NY; January 2012

Studio 34; Philadelphia, PA; May 2011

© 2015 by Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman

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